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Fun in the Sun: Keeping Your Furry Friends Cool at Lonsdale Place Veterinary Clinic!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Lonsdale Place Veterinary North Vancouver

Hello, pet parents! The sunny season has arrived, and it's time for some summertime fun at Lonsdale Place Veterinary Clinic! While Vancouver might be known for its colder temperatures, it's essential to remember that our beloved pets need special care during those hot summer days. As your partners in pet health and happiness, we're here to ensure your furry friends stay cool, safe, and wagging their tails all summer long. Let's embark on an exciting and educational journey to make this season a blast for your four-legged companions! North Vancouver Vet

1. Summer Stylin'

Sunglasses and a beach hat? Check! But what about our pets? While they might not rock the latest fashion trends, they can still beat the heat in style. Consider a lightweight and breathable summer vest for your canine buddy or a cute, cooling bandana for your feline friend. Not only will they look adorable, but they'll also stay comfortable as they strut their stuff in the summer sun! North Vancouver Vet

2. Paws and Pavement

Hot pavements can be like fiery griddles for our pets' delicate paws. Ouch! Before heading out for a walk, test the temperature by placing your hand on the pavement. If it's too hot for you to handle, it's too hot for them too. Choose shady paths or go for a stroll during cooler times of the day. And remember, booties are not just for fashion—they protect those precious paws too! North Vancouver Vet

3. Tasty and Refreshing

Who doesn't love a refreshing summer treat? Our pets sure do! But instead of ice cream or lemonade, let's treat them to something pet-friendly. Freeze their favorite fruits or veggies in ice cubes for a healthy and cool snack. Just make sure to avoid toxic foods like grapes, raisins, and onions. Your furry pals will thank you for these delicious and hydrating delights! North Vancouver Vet

4. Slip, Slide, and Splash!

Lonsdale Place Veterinary North Vancouver

Create a mini-water park for your pets in the backyard! Fill up a kiddie pool with cool water and watch as your furry friends jump in with glee. Water play not only keeps them refreshed but also provides hours of entertainment. You can even set up a sprinkler for an impromptu water party. Get ready for some wagging tails and happy barks! North Vancouver Vet

5. Cool and Comfy Retreat

Summer can get pretty toasty, and our pets need a chill-out zone just like we do. Designate a shady corner in your yard with a cozy bed or mat for your pets to relax. If they prefer the indoors, create a cool and well-ventilated space with a fan. It'll be their favorite spot to laze around while you enjoy the summer breeze together.

Summer at Lonsdale Place Veterinary Clinic is all about having fun in the sun while keeping our furry friends safe and comfortable. From stylish summer wear to refreshing treats and splashy water play, we've got you covered with fun and educational ways to beat the heat. North Vancouver Vet

As your trusted partners in pet care, we're here to ensure your pets have a tail-wagging, whisker-twitching summer experience. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about your pet's well-being. Our dedicated team is always ready to provide the best care for your furry companions. North Vancouver Vet

Let's make this summer one to remember! So, gear up, stay cool, and let the summertime adventures begin!



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