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Essential Summer Care Tips for Your Dog

Lonsdale Place Veterinary Clinic North Vancouver Vet

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy longer days and sunny weather with our furry friends. However, it’s important to take extra care of your dog during the warmer months. Here are some essential tips to keep your dog happy and healthy throughout the summer. North Vancouver Vet

Grooming and Haircuts

Dogs love to play outside and can get quite dirty in the summer. Regular grooming is essential and may involve more baths, post-swim rinses, and frequent haircuts. Depending on your dog’s breed, coat type, and temperament, grooming needs can vary. Some breeds can be trimmed short, but others should avoid being shaved unless advised by a veterinarian. Hair regrowth should be considered to avoid surprises like long-term hair loss. Consult with your pet’s groomer or our veterinary team to determine the right grooming schedule. Partial grooming, such as nail trims and paw hair trimming, can be done at home if you're comfortable or arranged through professional services. North Vancouver Vet


Brushing your dog’s coat regularly is beneficial year-round, helping to keep them in top shape and providing quality bonding time. Most dogs love being brushed, and it’s a great way to socialize with your pet. Brushing helps remove foreign objects like twigs and leaves from thick coats, detangles matted hair, and checks for parasites such as ticks. It also removes excess undercoat, allowing air to circulate and keeping your dog cool. Ideal times for brushing include after baths or swims. North Vancouver Vet

Paw Care

Keeping your dog’s paw hair short is especially important in the summer, as it prevents outdoor debris like weeds, foxtails, and twigs from getting stuck. Regular nail trims are also crucial. Short, well-maintained nails are less likely to cause injuries. If your dog is uncomfortable with nail trims, try positive reinforcement with treats, or seek help from our veterinarians or a professional groomer. Some dogs might prefer a dremel over traditional nail clippers. North Vancouver Vet

Flea and Tick Prevention

Summer is prime time for fleas and ticks, so it’s essential to keep your dog protected. In regions like Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Fraser Valley, fleas can be a year-round issue. Ensure all your pets are on flea prevention year-round or at least during the warmer months. Be aware that topical treatments can become ineffective if your dog swims or bathes within 1-2 days after application. Consult with our veterinarians to choose the best flea and tick prevention products and learn how to administer them effectively. North Vancouver Vet

Lonsdale Place Veterinary Clinic North Vancouver Vet

Swimming Care

Swimming is an excellent activity for many dogs, providing great exercise and being easy on their joints. After swimming, it’s a good idea to rinse your dog’s coat with clean water to remove chlorine or salt. Most healthy dogs don’t need their ears cleaned post-swimming, but a gentle wipe with gauze or a cotton ball moistened with a safe ear solution can help keep the ears dry. Avoid excessive ear flushing or hair plucking without veterinary advice. If ear issues arise, contact our clinic promptly. North Vancouver Vet


Keeping your dog hydrated in the hot summer weather is crucial. Make sure their water dish is always full and fresh. Be mindful of their tolerance for heat, and avoid long periods of sun exposure. Adjust their activity levels based on their breed, age, and health status to prevent overheating. North Vancouver Vet

Enjoy the summer with your furry friend, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Lonsdale Place Veterinary Clinic for any questions or concerns about your pet’s summer care!



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